how-tos a quick reference for common questions

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ofBook a collection of openFrameworks guides

ContributeHow to improve the documentation

The documentation is written by users like you that enjoy OF.

Did you find some incorrect information?

If you are not sure, ask in the forum first. If you want to correct the documentation, in most cases there's a button at the beginning of the page that will bring you to the editor in github. You can also fork the repository, create a separate branch and open a pull request.

Do you want to contribute to the actual documentation?

That is great! These are some of the things that we could improve:

  • Write a new how-to, improve an existing example or add a new one. Here there is a list of what is needed (
  • Add a Readme file for each example alredy existing in the examples folder, like in this example
  • Fill the modules documentation and classes documentation. Every module and class have their documentation, accessible by clicking on "Module Documentation" on the documentation page or the name of each class. If you feel that something important is missing, or it is not well explained, send a fix by following the 'edit module'/'edit class'/'edit functions' links at the beginning of each page. You can find more detailed instructions in the contributing to the docs how-to
  • Fill function documentation in the source code of the openFrameworks repository, follow the doxygen styleguide.