How to add an addon to a project

Where do addons come from?

Addons are located in the addons folder in your OF installation. When you download OF you will already find several core addons there. Move your own addons or download addons from other people and place them into this folder as well.

Using projectGenerator (OSX / Windows / Linux)

You can choose an addon to add in the drop down of the gui:


When you hit generate these addons will be added to the project


You can also import an existing project and change the addons it is using, such as adding or removing addons it needs.


Makefile based projects

If you compile your project using Makefile, adding an addon is as simple as writing the name of the addon into a file called addons.make. It should be placed in the root folder of your project, next to the Makefile. This is an exemplary addons.make: