Load and display an image

Select images to load and display. Images can be of .gif, .jpg, or .png file format.

Create a new folder in the bin/data folder of your OF project, name it "images" and drop your images in it.

In the ofApp.h file:

Add an instance variable of type ofImage for each image you wish to load.

ofImage bikers;
ofImage bikeIcon;

In the ofApp.cpp file:

Load the images by calling the load() method of ofImage, with the relative path to the image:

imageName.load("INSERT FILE PATH HERE")


void ofApp::setup(){

Display the images by calling the draw() method of ofImage, positionning them on the stage by specifying their horizontal and vertical coordinate positions. The coordinate positions reference by default the top left corner of the image.

imageName.draw(xPosition, yPosition)


void ofApp::draw(){
    bikers.draw(0, 0);
    bikeIcon.draw(190, 490);

Additionally, you can resize images by specifying the new width and height of the displayed image.

imageName.draw(xPosition, yPosition, width, height)


void ofApp::draw(){
    bikeIcon.draw(190, 490, 20, 20);

For more information:

take a look at: examples/graphics/imageLoaderExample