openFrameworks development is collaborative. It thrives on the contributions of many people, who engage in frequent discussion on the forums, IRC, and the of-dev mailing list.

We use git, a distributed versioning system, which means also that people can branch, experiment, and make suggestions. If you look at the network diagram on GitHub, it's looks like some alien diagram, full of weaving branches, code pulling apart and coming together. There's a huge community, all over the world, working on the core code: fixing bugs, submitting pull requests, and shaping the tool the way they want to see it.

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developer wiki - central location for links to relevant openFrameworks developer docs

git workflow - the version control workflow followed by the openFrameworks community when dealing with the development of openFrameworks

coding style guide - guidelines for proper formatting of openFrameworks code

code contribution workflow - contribution workflow for the openFrameworks core

1.0 roadmap - decisions taken during the last dev conference about the dev style for a future 1.0 version


openFrameworks is actively developed by Zach Lieberman, Theodore Watson, and Arturo Castro ("the core"), with help from the OF community. openFrameworks is indebted to two significant precursors: the Processing development environment, created by Casey Reas, Ben Fry and the Processing community; and the ACU Toolkit, a privately distributed C++ library developed by Ben Fry and others in the MIT Media Lab's Aesthetics and Computation Group. Many regular contributors to openFrameworks work together in teams:

Community management and outreach



Jonas Jongejan (HalfdanJ), Jeff Crouse (jefftimesten), @roxlu (roxlu)


Greg Borenstein (atduskgreg), Gene Kogan (genekogan), James Hughes (jamezilla), Lauren McCarthy (lmccart), James George (obviousjim)

The ofBook Project

Adam Carlucci (admsyn), arturo (arturoc), Christopher Baker (bakercp), Christoph Buchner (bilderbuchi), Brannon Dorsey (brannondorsey), caitlinmorris, Elliot Woods (elliotwoods), Eva Schindling (evsc), Golan Levin (golanlevin), Jonas Jongejan (HalfdanJ), Joel Gethin Lewis (JGL), Joshua Nimoy (jtnimoy), lukasz karluk (julapy), Blair Neal (laserpilot), Memo Akten (memo), Michael Hadley (mikewesthad), Nuno Miguel Galvão Martins (nunogmartins), ofZach, Omer Shapira (OmerShapira), Onna-no-hito, Patricio Gonzalez Vivo (patriciogonzalezvivo), Phoenix Perry (phoenixperry), Pierre Proske (pierrep), Roy Macdonald (roymacdonald), ruxrux, tegacodes

Adam Carlucci (admsyn), arturo (arturoc), caitlinmorris, csugrue, Jeff Crouse (jefftimesten), Jason Van Cleave (jvcleave), Kyle McDonald (kylemcdonald), Lauren McCarthy (lmccart), Theodore Watson (ofTheo), ofZach, @roxlu (roxlu), Atsushi Tadokoro (tado), David Newbury (workergnome), Yi donghoon(icq4ever)

openFrameworks codebase

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