openFrameworks is a diverse community of hackers, artists, designers, students and teachers from all over the world.

Whether you are just starting out and want to learn from other users, or are looking to contribute to the project, there are tons of resources and opportunities for being part of the community.


The core of the openFrameworks community is centered around two areas:


The openFrameworks forums are the online home for the community. This should be the first place to visit if you have a question about openFrameworks, want to meet other users, or are looking to share your knowledge and help others learn about the framework.


The openFramework's Github repository is the primary place for discussing and coordinating development and contributions to the project's code, documentation and website. It is the place to visit if you think you have run into a bug, have some ideas / requests for features or want to contribute directly to the project.


The openFrameworks community is always welcoming new developers, designers, writers, event organizers, and general enthusiasts to help build a better experience. Check out the following resources on how to get involved.