Load a 3d model

To load a 3d model in your openFrameworks app you have to use the ofxAssimpModelLoader addon, that already comes with your openFrameworks installation. To do so, generate a project using the project generator and include the ofxAssimpModelLoader in the addons selection.

Drop your 3D models in the "data" folder situated here \YourOpenFrameworksInstallation\apps\myApps\YourAppName\bin\data. In this example the 3D model is named NewSquirrel.3ds.

First, you have to include and define ofxAssimpModelLoader in your ofApp.h:

#include "ofxAssimpModelLoader.h"
ofxAssimpModelLoader yourModel;

Then, in your ofApp.cpp file you load the model and draw it like this:

void ofApp::setup(){
  yourModel.loadModel("NewSquirrel.3ds", 20);

void ofApp::draw(){

In the folder examples/3d/3DModelLoaderExample/ of your openFrameworks installation you can find the complete working example.